Facts on Using HTML Resumes

A "web-ready" HTML resume provides the same information as a traditional paper or text-based document, but it's formatted using the language that programmers employ to create most websites. It may contain internet links, multiple fonts and different text styles (like bold and italic). You can send it to potential employers by uploading or attaching the HTML file.

Should you use an HTML resume? It depends on the preferences of the specific employer. One advantage of this format is that recipients can view it in a web browser and it's readable on many different devices. They don't need to have the right word processing software to open your file (such as a recent version of Microsoft Word).

A web-ready document also gives you the option to publish your resume on the internet. If you do so, you can share it with anyone just by sending a link to the webpage (such as Be sure to carefully consider the pros and cons of making your career information instantly available to anyone online. For example, this might not be the best option if you're currently employed and don't want the boss to know that you're looking for work elsewhere.

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